A Tribute to MS Office

Vandan Jain
2 min readSep 29, 2017

While the world talks about the Facebooks and the Whatsapps of the world and how they have completely hooked us to our phones, there is something, the presence of which has gone unnoticed. This is something which we have assumed to be with us during our every personal and business endeavor.

It is Microsoft Office. Come to think of it, we have taken it for granted in our life. I recently purchased a Mac and the first thing I wanted was Microsoft Office installed on it. It almost came instinctively to me.

And that is when this realization hit me. It controls my life more than anything else, not even Facebook. And the part that shocked me the most was: I have never thought once to delete it from my system. (Facebook has been deleted and re-installed multiple times)

So I looked up some stats and believe me I wasn’t surprised when I saw that It has got over a billion users who use it daily: more than Snapchat and Instagram combined. Still its importance in our life has gone largely unnoticed.

So as Microsoft starts making Office cool by coming up with new features like Power BI within Excel, open APIs for other apps, advanced security features, device agnostic collaboration etc, I just want to take a step back and express my gratitude towards Microsoft Office.

You have been the catalyst in every applause that I have got, you have been behind every project and every blog till date, you were responsible for every video chat I had with my parents when I was in hostel and now you are there behind every collaboration and every learning and delivering experiencing.

Thank you for being there